Each individual Alvinza piece has been carefully crafted with precision and quality recycled materials and high grade stones. Just like the memories associated with each piece, we want the jewellery to last a lifetime as well. Being yours to tell the story, it’s essential you take the recommended steps to preserve this heirloom.
The team at Alvinza have constructed some tips to help preserve the longevity and assist the quality of your jewellery pieces.
 Start by making sure your jewellery is stored in a softly padded box. Much like the Alvinza jewellery box. This makes sure no fellow jewellery pieces get to friendly and start to rub on one another. After all you park your Sunday drive in the garage not on the main road.
 Be sure to protect jewellery from any harsh chemicals, scratches, sharp objects and or intense heat or cold.
Bear in mind that just like humans, unfortunately your jewellery will age. It’s only natural. With age the jewellery will tarnish. If you wish to keep your jewellery pieces in prime condition be sure to clean your jewellery regularly. Alvinza can offer a professional clean and polish at an additional cost when required. Always refer to the manufacturers instructions.
Tarnish may occur as a by-product of oxidisation. Oxidation is caused by the interaction of silver and gold with certain elements such as sulphur, oxygen, chlorine, acids or even something as simple as bodily excreted oils.
As mentioned above, chlorine can damage and deteriorate certain metals so it’s best to avoid swimming with your jewellery pieces.
Avoid wearing crafted pieces while cleaning, gardening or performing in sports activities. I know we all want to look good all the time but it’s best to save the moment for the special occasions in life. 
Alvinza jewellery gets better with age and character.
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