Alvinza is a New Zealand unisex jewellery brand that has eclectic style. Alvinza draws its everyday inspiration from actors, cars, clothing, equipment, artists and even household objects of the past and present. Alvinza aims to create an embodiment of those times while having the future and timeless designs at the forefront of the creative process. Through applying a future vintage design motif, Alvinza brings to life bespoke pieces for you.



Alvinza jewels are crafted from recycled material and have a vision to be a sustainable company, being focused on the past we very much have the future in mind when making eco sustainable conscious decisions. We want the world to last as long as the pieces. We hope each experience with Alvinza to be one to remember and to be more than just a product, but also a feeling and a sense of belonging to something bigger than just jewellery. Supporting local is important to us, we want to help and do our bit in making sure we first look inward before out. Our pieces are all crafted in Auckland, New Zealand and we could not be more proud.


Alvinza is a brand that is focusing on slowing things down in a world that is so fast paced, we focus heavily on quality over quantity. Each Alvinza piece is made to order therefor making it a slow fashion brand. Your preference of Alvinza gives us good confidence that you are very much in the right place. Alvinza aims to be a brand that is there till the end, whether it be in the quality of a jewel thats built to last or whether it be the customer support. Alvinza cares and always will. 


We wish for you to one day experience the raw emotion of life that a piece of Alvinza jewellery can provide. Just like a Sunday drive, you wear your jewellery once a week but it's enough to turn heads. Alvinza jewellery is there to live the moment, capture the moment and express the moment. Life is about creating stories, slowing things down a little and being present in the moments of gratification. But most importantly, each piece is yours, each memory is yours, each experience in life is yours, Alvinza jewellery is yours to tell the story. 
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