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The Myriad


The Myriad carries a hand engraving on the face of the ring. The hand engraving means that anything is possible in life with your very own hands. Whether it be drawing, creating, painting, or instructing. This is the ring for the opportunist’s, the ones who like to go their own way on their own terms. They shake hands with the events of life, both good and bad and greet every moment the journey has to offer with gratitude and anticipation to seize it.
The diamond in the centre of the hand signifies the spark created in the darkest of times by using the touch, feel and direction from your very hands. It signifies that spark of creativity or spark of opportunity. The Myriad is the ring to bring hope and ample opportunities to the ever changing circumstances of life. Find your spark.

Each piece is made unique to you upon order, please allow 3-6 weeks.
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